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At May Road School, we strive to provide opportunities for student excellence and individuality. Through a combination of human rights based learning, inquiry curriculum and future focused education, every student at May Road is given the tools they need to succeed in any career they choose to pursue.

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Our Strategic Plan

Annual Plan 2024

Digital Learning

As part of our ongoing commitment to furthering student learning and modern technology, May Road School offers year 4 – 6 students digital classrooms. With students using their own Chromebook, digital classrooms encourage students to become independent learners, setting their own goals and using their blogs to receive instant feedback on their work from both their teacher and their peers. This allows them to track their progress and learn at a speed that’s right for them.

In a digital classroom, students not only receive a more personalised programme that provides better educational outcomes, they learn to be astute digital users – an invaluable skill for future success.

Our year 0 to 3 students also utilise digital technologies to support their learning. You will see them using iPads, Chromebooks and laptops in their day to day classroom.

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Lumana’i Manuia Mo A Taeao

May Road School is committed to meeting its obligations under the NEGs (National Education Guidelines) with regard to the goals that have been identified in the May Road school charter. We recognise and wish to maximise the benefits of bilingual learning in the school in the delivery of the school curriculum as requested by the Samoan parent community.

Expected Outcomes:

We currently have sixty one children enrolled in our bilingual classes.

Children from Aoga Amata Fa’avae Mautu transition from aoga into Lumana'i Iva.  Fa’avae Mautu Aoga Amata visit Lumana'i Iva fortnightly so that the children are able to share songs, share activities together in preparation for easy transition into May Road.  This is a special time for children both from the aoga and our bilingual classes as it builds a stronger relationship between teachers and families reinforcing the forging of Samoan community links and connections.


Our Journey

‘A leai se gagana, ua leai se aganuu, a leai se aganuu ona po lea o le nuu.’  When you lose your language, you lose your culture and when there is no longer a living culture, darkness descends on the village. (Fanaafi, 1996:)

Our parents have been the key to the success of Lumana’i Manuia Mo A Taeao Bilingual Unit at May Road.

The  (PEP) Pasifika Education Plan-  puts Pasifika learners, their parents, families and communities at the core of all learning taking into account all processes and methodologies.  FAMILIES are the key to the success of our children. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.

After an opportunity to hear and talk about Bilingual Education together with Patisepa Tuafuti and a visit to Finlayson Samoan Bilingual in 2012, a handful of Samoan parents were determined to start the 1st Samoan Bilingual at May Road.

The Late Thomas Cassidy Kaumatua opened and blessed our building  on March 17th 2013.

Whānau Fun and Learning Online 

Below are some links we have shared to help with online learning and entertainment. Stay safe in your bubbles and we look forward to seeing you at school in the near future.