Our People

At May Road School, we actively seek vibrant and community focused staff to continue to build the strong whānau links that exist within the community and school partnerships.

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Our Staff

Lynda Stuart


Beth Noakes

Deputy Principal

Auvasa Auva’a-Key


Denise Murray


Hafsah Musa

Executive Officer

Emily Cater

Room 4 Class Teacher

Arina Kumar

Room 5 Class Teacher (Pūriri Team Leader)

Irene Koonwaiyou

Room 9 Class Teacher

Nerra Lealiifano-Tamarua

Room 10 Class Teacher

Sophia Schuster

Room 11 Class Teacher

Lagi Jenkins

Room 12 Class Teacher

Mary Maxwell

Room 13 Class Teacher

Rearna Hartmann

Room 13 Class Teacher

Cia Tokuma

Room 14 Class Teacher

Ulrike Petrus

Room 15 Class Teacher (ICT Team Leader)

Meryl Ulugia-Pua

(Kauri Team Leader)

Paulia Frost

Learning Assistant

Beatrice Sila

Learning Assistant

Sili Tualima

Learning Assistant

Razan Al-Odeh

Learning Assistant

Sau Papali’i

Learning Assistant

Salome Tavake

Learning Assistant

Kirita Auva’a-Key

Learning Assistant

Geri Williams-Durham

Learning Assistant

Sarah Eaton

Social Worker in Schools

Our Board of Trustees

Our Trustee Election day was 6th June 2019.

Helena Tanuvasa


Geri Williams-Durham

Staff Representative

Api Cowley-Lupo

Kevin Zhong

Amavi Mey

About our Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing group of the school. It is made up of elected parents, staff representative, the Principal, and any members co-opted by the Board.

The Board’s job is to:

  • Formulate and monitor the policies that the school will operate under.
  • Oversee the maintenance of the school’s buildings and grounds.
  • Oversee and approve expenditure.
  • Approve staff appointments and act on personnel issues within legal requirements.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the school’s service.

The Board of Trustees is elected every three years. The new Board was elected on 6th June 2019. The Board welcomes feedback from other parents, and welcomes people to attend its monthly meetings, which are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

Spotlight on the Board of Trustees

Each month following our Board of Trustees meeting we will be including some information in the newsletter to inform you about what is happening at the meetings.

We have recently had some training and the points covered were related to the Board of Trustees roles.

Some key messages:

  • The Board has a responsibility to govern the school effectively.
  • The Principal is a member of the Board of Trustees and there is also a staff representative. This is important as we all work in partnership. The primary concern of the Board is student learning and they ensure that all Board policies, practices and plans are focused on high levels of student achievement.
  • The Board meets once a month for a full Board of Trustees meeting. This is a public meeting and anyone from our community can attend. During each month there are also sub-committee meetings for property, community planning, finance and policies.
  • Our Board is committed to representing the parents’ and community voice.

Board Documents

Meeting Minutes

Audited Financial Report

Board Newsletter 2